The Foundation for Promotion of 20th Century Painting was founded in 2007 by Hanna Lambrette in Frankfurt am Main. The FMXX publishes articles on this topic and organizes exhibitions and events. Central to these activities is the care of the legacy of Eberhard Steneberg. This way, Hanna Lambrette followed the wish of Eberhard and Halina Steneberg to continue their life's work.

The FMXX looks after the artistic and literary legacy of Eberhard Steneberg in particular. Since Steneberg's acquaintance with Bauhaus members and his pioneering research on modern Russian art are of interest to the international academic community and museums of modern art, this site aims to introduce Steneberg to a broader public.


Steneberg met Hanna Lambrette (1921–2014) in 1955 at the Frankfurter Kunst Kabinett and the Blaue Haus in Hofheim am Taunus. Steneberg worked as a restorer for Hanna Bekker vom Rath, whilst Hanna Lambrette received commissions to frame pictures through this well-known Maecenas. Both refugees from the East and critically minded individuals, Steneberg and Lambrette discussed philosophy and politics on a regular base. When Steneberg drew attention to the major but neglected contribution of the Russian avant-gardists to the Modern Age, and was accused of being a communist for that reason, Hanna Lambrette was among the few who supported Steneberg in his endeavors.